Chemical Peels

What is a Chemical Peel?

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A chemical peel is the controlled application of an acid chemical to an area of skin.  The skin is actually burned to a variable depth, depending on the strength of the acid applied.   Chemical Peels can be divided into superficial, medium-depth and deep peels, depending on the type and strength of the acid used.  The strength of acid used is individualized to the patient’s skin type, treatment area, problem to be treated and downtime available.  A superficial peel is often applied during a “Facial” to stimulate, hydrate or remove cells to produce a clearer complexion without downtime.   A medium or deep peel will provoke “flaking” or peeling as the dead skin cells slough off, and should be used if the purpose of the peel is to be deep enough to affect conditions such as acne, sun damage or aging.  

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Why have an “MD” Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are used to remove, the superficial layer of skin from the face, neck, hands or upper chest.  They can be an effective treatment for sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, brown spots and hyper-pigmentation, including Melasmasuperficial acne scarsactive acne and, in general, to improve the tone, texture and clarity of skin and leave a smoother and healthier skin surface.  The effectiveness of a peel in treating these conditions is dependent upon the depth of tissue treated, which is determined by the acids used and the technique of the application.  The ViPeel and Perfect Peel are called “MD” medium to deep Chemical Peels, because they contain asynergistic blend of powerful acids and ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, but available only to a licensed provider, to be used at a Medical Facility.  The depth of the peel can be adjusted by the provider and you should expect 3 to 7 days of “downtime” following the treatment.  The ViPeel or Perfect Peel is the treatment of choice, when your goal is to have a treatment that will “rejuvenate” and produce realchange in the quality of
your skin and leave it looking younger and healthier in about a week.

What should I expect before, during and after my Peel?

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The Peel treatment is a seven day process of skin rejuvenation that can provide dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation and limited downtime.  The treatment includes a deep cleaning, application of the peel solution and a product kit with detailed instructions on how to care for your skin as it peels, which are individualized according to the skin condition being treated and the depth of peel.  Your peel treatment includes at least onefollow up appointment at 1 week to document treatment response, optimize and transition back to a daily skin care program and plan for any subsequent peels to maximize and maintain long term results.

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