Wellness and Weight Management

Wellness and Weight Management

Dr. Catherine Fisher’s Adult Primary Care Practice emphasizes the “Integrating” of Traditional Medicine based on “Standards of Care” and directed treatments necessary to combat disease, with “Alternative” Medicine, based on natural balance and healthy lifestyle plans that strive to achieve a feeling of total well-being or Wellness. With more than 35 years of patient care experience, Dr. Fisher has developed the Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center to be a unique, private, Health Care Facility, dedicated to treating every patient as an individual, each with his or her unique potential to achieve a lifetime of optimum health and maximum longevity.

Medical Services offered at the Fisher Medical and Aesthetics Center include:

  • Complete, Insurance based Adult Primary Care Interventions
  • Annual "Well Woman" Exams and /or Annual Physical and Health Screening
  • Preventive Health Assessments based on Health Risk and Targeted Symptoms
  • Comprehensive Hormone Profiles & Hormone Optimization BHRT for Men & Women
  • Skin Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Cosmetic Dermatology Skin Assessments & the most Advanced Aesthetic Treatments for Sun Damage, Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Rosacea, Spider veins, Skin Laxity and more. LOOK YOUR BEST, as well as FEEL YOUR BEST!
  • Metabolic Assessment and Medically Managed Weight Loss Programs based "THE AMEN SOLUTION" and "BRAIN FIT FOR LIFE"

After more than 30 years of working successfully with hundreds of patients in their struggle to lose weight, Dr. Fisher has been convinced that the ONLY obstacle between her patients and their goal, is their BRAIN. In fact, THE SECRET to weight loss is understanding how the brain and body weight are intricately connected and accepting that one has to GET SMART to GET THIN! Dr. Fisher's weight loss program incorporates the research of Dr. Daniel Amen and the principles of the Amen Solution. Described as "the Smart Person's Guide to Weight Loss, Dr. Fisher uses the 10 simple steps of "Brain Healthy Living" and the "Brain Fit Life" program as the foundation for her assessment and individual program development.


  1. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS: Your "numbers" will come from your Medical Assessment and Laboratory studies.
  2. KNOW YOUR MOTIVATION: You will have to maintain a high level of motivation every day to reach and maintain your healthy weight for life. The Amen clinic "My Brain Fit Life" program's "One Page Miracle" and other "Motivation Exercises" will help you find your motivation, define your goals and stay focused.
  3. KNOW YOUR BRAIN TYPE: There are five different types of "Over Eaters" and specific interventions for each type. Completing a questionnaire will reveal what brain type drives your eating habits.
  4. EAT RIGHT TO THINK RIGHT: Keep a journal to avoid "calorie amnesia" and follow the "AVOID BAD / EAT GOOD" Food Plan that best suits your life style.
  5. TAKE BRAIN HEALTHY SUPPLEMENTS THAT BOOST YOUR METABOLISM: Both general nutritional supplements and, where indicated, individual nutrients or medications will help with mood, energy and sleep, to enhance weight loss.
  6. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN and CONQUER YOUR CRAVINGS: Learn the simple strategies to keep FOOD from controlling your life.
  7. TRAIN YOUR BODY with EXERCISE and DEACTIVATE your "OBESITY GENE": "Get moving" to rev your metabolism, improve mood, enhance brain function, reduce cravings, stabilize your blood sugar, improve sleep and even burn calories.
  8. STOP your AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THOUGHTS /"ANTS": Stop believing the "why you can't lose weight" ANTS that come into your mind and control your actions. Your thoughts can lie to you, so change your mind to change your body!
  9. DIRECT YOUR FOCUS & SOOTH YOUR STRESS: Use mental focus to enhance brain and body function through mental exercises specific to your Brain Type and remember to focus daily on your Motivation!
  10. BUST YOUR BARRIERS & PREVENT RELAPSE: Don't be "derailed" from your success by getting too hungry, too angry, too lonely, too tired or too influenced by those that do not understand your goals.

Ask DR. FISHER how you can CHANGE your BRAIN, to CHANGE your BODY and CHANGE your LIFE! The Amen Clinic & Brain Fit Life AFFILIATE DISCOUNT CODE: ECENTER 270


LINKS TO: www.amenclinics.com www.mybrainfitlife.com