Laser Vein Removal Treatment

Laser Vein Removal Treatment 1

Laser Vein Removal Treatment

Finally, unsightly spider veins can be removed with no needles and no downtime!
The 1064 laser by Sciton is the safest, most effective, non-invasive method to eliminate unsightly spider veins from your legs or anywhere on the body, with no needles and no “downtime”.

How do Laser Vein Removal Treatments work?

Laser Vein treatments involve the delivery of many short pulses of laser energy directly over the vein.  The energy travels through the skin surface and is absorbed by the blue or red pigment of the blood vessel which causes it to heat up.   The heat generated “melts” the walls of the vein which break down, collapsing the vein.  A natural process of re-absorption follows, and the veins, where destroyed, are no longer visible.  The small, superficial veins best treated with 1064 laser energy are not needed for circulation and eliminating them is not harmful to the body in any way.  There is no need for compression, but elevating the legs and avoiding strenuous exercise immediately after the treatment is advised for comfort and best results.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment 2

What is involved in a laser vein removal treatment and who can be treated?

Laser therapy for spider veins can be customized to be safe and effective at any age, on any skin type and on virtually any small vein disorder. Pre-treatment care includes removing, as much as possible, any hair from the treatment area and avoiding sun exposure for at least 10 days, to avoid a darkened skin color from tanning that can make the veins harder for the laser to “see” and the treatments less effective. Laser Vein Removal treatment sessions take about 30 minutes, require no anesthesia other than cooling to protect the skin surface, which also has a “numbing” affect and makes the treatment more comfortable. Since spider veins are caused by pressure from gravity and weakening of vessel walls, which continues throughout life, Laser Vein Removal for leg veins requires multiple treatments and some degree of maintenance. The Sciton 1064 laser delivers the safest and most effective laser energy available to destroy unwanted “spider” veins, shortening treatment session times and reducing the number of treatments required for maximum results.

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