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Spider Veins

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Are you uncomfortable in a bathing suit or shorts because of unsightly “spider” veins? Fortunately, the laser technology of today offers a non-invasive treatment to get rid of spider veins with no needles and no downtime. Book your appointment with the Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center in Peoria, Arizona and let Dr. Catherine Fisher get you started on the most advanced laser vein removal treatment plan today.

Spider Veins Q & A

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How do laser vein removal treatments work?

Non-invasive laser vein treatments work by delivering several short pulses of laser energy through the skin directly over the vein. The energy travels to the deep dermis and targets the blue or red pigment of the blood vessel which absorbs it, causing the vessel to heat up. The heat “melts” the walls of the vein which “stick” together, closing the vein. Your body breaks down and removes the no longer functional vein in a natural process. Laser vein removal treatments are not harmful to the skin circulation and are the safest and most effective treatment for removing superficial, small “spider” veins. Elevating your legs and avoiding strenuous exercise following your treatment is advised for comfort and best results.

What can I expect at my laser vein removal treatment?

Before your treatment, you should remove as much hair as possible from the treatment area and avoid sun exposure for at least 10 days. Doing so helps deter darkened skin from developing, which can make the veins harder to locate and make the treatment less effective.

Laser vein removal treatments take about 30 minutes and require no anesthesia. A constant cooling mechanism numbs your skin, making the treatment safe and more comfortable.

Who is a good candidate for laser vein removal?

Laser therapy for spider veins can be customized so it’s a safe and effective treatment for a variety of ages, skin types, and small vein disorders.

Some veins, such as leg veins may require more treatments and ongoing maintenance treatments as well.

Dr. Fisher uses the Sciton® ClearScan YAG® laser to deliver the safest and most effective laser energy available to destroy unwanted spider veins.  If you’d like to get rid of your spider veins, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Fisher at Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center, Peoria, Arizona.