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Laser Hair Removal

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The need to constantly shave can be annoying, painful and take valuable minutes out of every day. That is why more and more men and women are turning to laser hair removal, in the form of BBL/ IPL Intense Pulsed Light treatments to destroy the hair follicle, as the solution. The BBL crystal delivers energy to the entire area while still protecting your skin with a contact cooling mechanism providing the safest and most effective permanent hair reduction treatment available today. Contact Dr. Fisher of Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center in Peoria, Arizona to schedule your laser hair removal appointment.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

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How does BBL/IPL laser hair removal work?

During BBL/IPL sessions, the pigment melanin -- which hair follicles contain -- selectively absorbs powerful bursts of light energy. This is converted to heat, diffusing to and injuring stem cells in the hair follicle bulb.

When sufficient energy is absorbed the bulb is destroyed, and the hair follicle dies. Effective hair reduction can only be achieved for hair containing the pigment melanin and during the active growth phase of the hair cycle.

Hair reduction is permanent when a significant amount of hair does not return for a period longer than the complete growth cycle of hair in the treatment area. A series of treatments can remove most hair permanently.

Why is BBL/IPL the right choice for laser hair removal?

Whether you’re seeking the perfect bikini line or just tired of shaving, there are many reasons to choose intense pulsed light for your hair removal treatment.

First, the BBL crystal delivers energy to the entire area deep below the treatment tip, while protecting the surface of the skin with contact cooling, providing maximum safety and comfort.

Second, since BBL/IPL targets all the active growth hair follicles with every pulse, the sessions are quick, easy and more efficient, reducing the number of treatments needed for maximum results.

What is a BBL/IPL laser hair removal treatment like and how do I prepare for it?

Pain isn't an issue with BBL/IPL hair removal, with the heat sensation feeling like a rubber band flicking the skin. Topical anesthesia and cooling can be added, if needed, for more comfort in sensitive areas.

The length of time a session requires depends on the size or number of treatment areas. For at least seven to ten days before treatment, avoid direct exposure to the sun and don’t pluck or chemically remove any hair in the area to be treated. Doing so will provide the best target possible and therefore, the most effective treatment per session.

There’s no post-treatment discomfort or downtime, but you should avoid hot tubs, chlorinated pools, perfumes, deodorants, or heavy creams until all heat and visible redness around the treated hair follicles is resolved.

Call Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center, Peoria, Arizona today and free yourself from the hassle of unwanted hair!