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Think of all the times you laugh, smile, squint, frown or generally change your facial expression throughout the day. Over the years, all that movement adds up, creating wrinkles or creases in the skin over those facial “muscles of expression”. Frown lines, “crow’s feet” and forehead lines can make you look tired, worried, sad or even angry. Now, the injectable products Dysport®/Botox, can erase these unwanted “lines of expression”, smooth the skin around the eyes, lift the brow and leave a relaxed, bright and more youthful look that is “the real you”. Contact Dr. Fisher from Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center in Peoria, Arizona, to book your Dysport appointment.

Dysport®/Botox Q & A


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How do these products work?

When Dysport is injected into the selected muscle, the muscle is temporarily prevented from contracting and the inactive muscle then flattens and the treated area smooths out over time. The remaining, untreated and up-lifting muscles of expression “take over” and the result is a “bright” natural and more youthful appearance.

The changes in “expression” are evident within days, as the injected muscles begin to relax, and continue to improve as the muscles flatten.  A single treatment lasts three to four months (or longer in some cases) but for long term results, repeat treatments are required when muscle movement begins to return.

What can I expect from my appointment?

This non-surgical treatment takes only 10 to 20 minutes and has no downtime. Multiple small injections are administered with a fine needle to minimize discomfort, making the treatment quick and easy.

After the treatment is complete, you can resume your daily activities but should avoid rubbing the areas of injection or lying down for 3 hours.  Occasional bruising, minimal swelling, or slight discomfort at the injection site can occur but will resolve quickly and naturally.

Who is a good candidate and what areas are best treated with Dysport injections?

Unwanted “Lines of Expression” can occur at any age, making any adult a candidate for treatment with Dysport.  Dysport is the non-surgical treatment of choice for:

  • Vertical “frown lines” between the eyebrows (11’s)
  • “Crow’s feet”, squint or laugh lines around the eyes
  • Horizontal “worry lines” or folds on the forehead
  • “Bunny lines” across the nose
  • “Dimpling” on the chin

Stop frowning today! Call or book your appointment online at Fisher Medical & Aesthetics Center and let Dr. Fisher give you a happier, younger look.